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pdf Building pastoralists’ resilience to shocks for sustainable disaster risk mitigation: Lessons from West Pokot County, Kenya. Deborah Muricho ( pdf, 1.81 MB ) (584 downloads) Popular
pdf Impact of enclosures on range productivity in Chepareria, West Pokot County, Kenya. Regina Waiganjo, JKUAT ( pdf, 14.92 MB ) (1654 downloads) Popular
pdf Breeding and herd structure in livestock-based agropastoralism systems in Chepareria, West Pokot, Kenya. Freja Engström, SLU ( pdf, 1.87 MB ) (1211 downloads) Popular
pdf Assessing the impact of restorative land transformations on household nutrition: A qualitative study of Chepareria, West Pokot, Kenya. Caroline Kawira ( pdf, 1.52 MB ) (870 downloads) Popular
pdf Impact of enclosure management and age on topsoil organic carbon stocks in Chepareria, West Pokot County, Kenya. Albert Gikonyo Ituika ( pdf, 1.20 MB ) (705 downloads) Popular
pdf Nutritional value of pastures in enclosure systems in semi-arid rangelands of Chepareria, West Pokot, Kenya. Ditte Löfqvist MSc thesis SLU ( pdf, 3.40 MB ) (987 downloads) Popular
pdf Embedded enclosures: A study of the political nature of land management institutions and their social effects in the Njemps flats, Kenya. Eric Röhss, MSc Gothenburg University ( pdf, 13.40 MB ) (1231 downloads) Popular
pdf Influence of Enclosure Management Systems on Rangeland Rehabilitation in Chepareria, West Pokot County, Kenya. MSc thesis Wairore John Triple L ( pdf, 2.42 MB ) (1714 downloads) Popular
pdf From Communal to Private: Dynamics of a Changing Land Tenure System in Chepareria, West Pokot County, Kenya, Laura Saxer MSc thesis, GU ( pdf, 596 KB ) (981 downloads) Popular
pdf Transition from nomadic pastoralism to livestock based agro-pastoralism - The case of animal husbandry in West Pokot, Kenya. Antonia Grönvall, SLU, 2015 ( pdf, 1.78 MB ) (2720 downloads) Popular
pdf Between policy and practice - a qualitative study on smallholder commercialization in Chepareria and Kongelai, West Pokot, Kenya. Simon Wittich, LU, 2015 ( pdf, 1.33 MB ) (1181 downloads) Popular
pdf Towards a Critical Social Theory of Landscape J E V Wernersson Master Thesis ( pdf, 17.21 MB ) (657 downloads) Popular
pdf Coping with climate variability in West Pokot, Kenya Lotje Geutjes ( pdf, 1.12 MB ) (1882 downloads) Popular
pdf Carbon sequestration in the pastoral area of Chepareria, western Kenya MSc thesis Sara Svanlund, SLU ( pdf, 1003 KB ) (999 downloads) Popular